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Hollin Hills Orchid Society meets at the Mason District Governmental Center in Northern Virginia, USA, and is open to everyone interested in growing and caring for orchids.

Photo by Becky Barath
Show table photo by Becky Barath

Meetings are designed to educate members about orchid care and culture, as well as provide help and information for more successful growing.

Our members include all levels of orchid growers, from novice, to professional to A.O.S. judge. Some of us grow in greenhouses, many of us grow under lights or on windowsills in our homes. Some have thousands of plants, some just a handful!

Outside speakers, workshops, and general orchid discussion are just a few of the means by which we learn more about growing orchids at our meetings.

We also encourage society members to bring in their blooming plants to each meeting for a show & tell discussion about each plant. This provides a beautiful display of orchids as well as an opportunity to learn. Visitors are always welcome. You need not be a member to participate in one of our meetings.

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